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Nirmala Juice
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Triple Boost Packs

Juice and Soup Packs

Joy in every sip.


No trick, only treat.

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Enjoy more nutrition.

Our cold-pressed juice making method preserves valuable vitamins and enzymes for your body to absorb -  leaving you feeling renewed, refreshed and energized.

Die Hard Juices.

You can confidently store Nirmala Juice in the freezer for up to 3 months and still enjoy their premium delicious taste!

Everybody loves a juicy story.

Read about our journey to creating South Africa's beloved range of Premium Cold Pressed Juices and how they can help you keep your body on top of it's game.


See what other customers thought.

"I have never tasted anything like it. This juice is so fresh and full of flavour. I couldn't stop smiling!"

Susan Anderson

It's goodness all around.

"I put one of the juice bottles I bought into the freezer and forgot about it for over 4 weeks. I opened it to check and it was still fresh! How?"

Tshepiso Motaung

Body Booster

Looking to reset your body and feel brand new? Discover our Triple Boost Packs here!