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Triple Boost Packs – Nirmala Juice

Triple Boost Packs

1. Nourish

Nirmala Triple Boost Packs help you increase the quality of your nutritional intake by giving only pure and unprocessed servings of nature’s finest ingredients. Our juices are fresh, cold-pressed and naturally rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Enjoy each delicious flavour guilt-free because they retain all their goodness in their most natural state.

2. Purify

The Boost Packs purify the body by eliminating the toxins that we accumulate daily through our modern diets and lifestyles. We include herbs and spices like ginger, coriander, turmeric and cayenne pepper to help you cleanse your body the pure and natural way.

3. Rejuvenate
Tap into the power that is always within you and re-spark your energy the clean natural way. Our Triple Boost Packs also help you centre the spirit, improve your sleep patterns and boost cognitive function. Most of our clients tell us that after using the pack their skin clears up and feels rejuvenated. Try for at least 3 days to get that natural glow.