Nirmala is a Sanskrit word meaning PURE, which sets the mood for our approach to health and wellness. We are focused on natural, pure living and our aim and passion is to help you achieve your wellness goals through the pure raw goodness of cold-pressed juice.

Our juices are cold-pressed which means that there has been no processing involved whatsoever. Instead the fruits and vegetables are squeezed between 2 large metal plates so hard that all that is left is some dry sawdust at the end. Therefore you get all the freshness not only from the juice but from the pulp and skin as well. 

Cold-pressed juices have the power to alkalise the PH, boost energy levels, strengthen your immune system, increase cell regeneration and all the rest. We support drinking LOTS of delicious fruit and vegetable juices as part of a balanced, healthy diet combined with exercise, friendship and laughter ☺


Our juices have been designed to give your digestive system a rest whilst giving the body a nutrient burst of essential vitamins and minerals. 

By consuming only these juice blends during a cleanse for a few days frees up energy in the body which can then return to the essential job of deep inner cleansing and healing.

When you feel better on the inside, you look better on the outside. Glowing skin, bright eyes, the disappearance of hard to lose pounds and a new sense of optimism are all common results of frequent juicing and of juice cleansing. 


Definition of Detoxification = the natural process of releasing waste products from breathing and eating in addition to the man made toxins we inhale, absorb and consume. When the products build up faster than they are released our bodily system begins to slow and struggle. That is why juice cleanses are so beneficial to our wellbeing.

Definition of Juice Cleanse = A short and functional program of cutting food intake while increasing the supply of vital enzymes and vitamins. This gives the body time and nutritional support it requires to carry out deeper detoxification and healing than it can on a daily basis. So the body sheds excess, creating energy as it restores clarity and radiance. 


Whats included:

. Each day you will consume 6 drinks at regular intervals

. The drinks replace breakfast, lunch and dinner

. The drinks are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

. Drink juice 1 for breakfast and have another approximately every 2 hours

. Shake each bottle and enjoy slowly

. Have juice 6 two hours before bed and go to bed early

. Continue this program on each day of your cleanse.

Remember to drink plenty of water and enjoy some herbal tea and hot water with lemon. We recommend eliminating all snacks but a small amount of low sugar fruit or soaked nuts can help if your body badly needs something.

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